Fusion Performance Arts

 Class Descriptions


Musical Tots- learn how to move your body to the music, sing simple songs and act out short stories.(2-4yrs)

Boot Camp- a alternating programme of different fitness techniques for adults including: Pilates. Dance Fit, Stretch and Tone 

Boxercise- use boxing techniques to tone your body and increase fitness (includes circuit training).

Ballet- Learn how to dance gracefully, with control and flexibility. BBO examinations (5+)

Jazz Dance- is performed to today's music and has been made popular through film and television shows, increase your flexibility and strength as you move smoothly and rhythmically. -BBO examinations (4+yrs)

Tap- create rhythmic patterns with your feet and body as you respond to the music- BBO examinations (5+yrs)

Pop Star Dance- funk it up as you pop it , lock it and dance to the beat (3+yrs)

Musical Theatre- Act, Sing and Dance to familiar tunes, create characters and show off your performance skills. -Trinity Guildhall Examinations (7+yrs)

Actor's Lab- Learn how to use vocal, physical and dramatic techniques to enhance your performance. -Trinity Guildhall Examinations (7+yrs)

Junior/Senior Judo- develop strength, sensitivity to touch and discipline, learn how to challenge an opponent and improve your technique (5-12yrs/adult)

The Fusion Singers- a fun choir which meets once a week to sing a variety of music and to socialise. The choir is for adults age 16-100yrs+ and aims to produce a concert once a year.